1 Bridal Bouquet
1-8 Bride's Maids Bouquets
1 Flower Girl
1 Ring Boy
1 Groom's Boutonniere
1-8 Groom's Men Boutonnieres
2 Father Boutonnieres
2 Mother Corsages
Grand Parents Corsages/ Boutonnieres
Pews Decorations, Pomander Balls, Lanterns, Candles OR Cylinders with Submerged Orchids
Carpet (Aisle runner)
1 Signing Table
1 Place Card Table
Arch Decor, Chuppa OR 2 Altar Arrangements
Cake Flowers
1 Cake Table
1 Deluxe Sweetheart Table Decoration
8-12 Centerpieces (High or Low)
8-12 Sets of Candle Holders or Votive Candles
5-10 Cocktail Tables or Bar Arrangements
Our Gardenia package includes Premium flowers for high or low arrangements of large size. You may chose from our various vases from our candelabra gallery. Includes most types and colors of flowers. Flowers included in package: Roses, Calla Lilies, Orchids, Branches and/or Hydrangeas